A fun way to educate children.

BabyEduca is an APP based on a token economy system that has been developed
to help parents manage their children´s behavior.

Take time every day to the education of your children

BabyEduca will help you to plan activities, goals and rewards interactively,
so it will become your best ally to educate kids.

Learn how to use BabyEduca

Start tapping the kid photo to select activities and awards, also to change or add another child.

Now you can choose your language by clicking on the gear in the upper right corner. You can choose another child or add a new one. You can select a photo from your gallery or take a picture with the camera on your tablet. Then indicate whether the child is a boy or a girl and you enter the name and date of birth.

Now you just have to setup the activities, selecting any of the existing taks or creating new ones. Select prizes and finally give a value to them.

You can now return to the main screen calendar by tapping the back arrow in the upper left corner. Once in the calendar just drag the stars of the basket to collect points. The counter next to the child photo will show the number of points available. When enough stars/points have been earned they can be redeemed for prizes.


Made by experts with parents´ love

BabyEduca has been designed by a team of psychologists, educators and pediatricians experienced in early childhood education,
and combines profesional expertise, interactivity and an attractive design.

We want to know your opinion

If you have any idea for our app, want to give us your feedback, or just congratulate us,
you can use the form below to contact us. We will be happy getting your opinion.